Clean Air Vision List from 16/05/2016 Meeting @ The Grafton

Transcribed from post-it notes from the Clean Air Vision session held on the 16th May 2016, in response to the question: “What actions would you most like to see to start cleaning up the air locally”:

  1. Start a schools’ programme on air pollution.
  2. More air monitors! With results reported to Camden.
  3. Engage with Councillors to make them aware of air pollution.
  4. All Camden’s own ‘estate’ (homes, schools, streets, offices, parks etc) to be made more green, with fewer emissions. E.g. street lights, electric vehicle charging points, Planning Dept favouring sustainable development and clean renewable energy generation throughout the borough.
  5. Increase in electric powered transport in Camden, linked to massive increase in renewable electricity.
  6. Use of at least three pages a month in the Camden magazine for communicating air pollution and pollution clean up information.
  7. Camden to be more pro-active in disseminating information in the community, and particularly in schools.
  8. Ban deliveries by diesel vehicles.
  9. Learn from Gottenburg as a great example of tackling urban air pollution.
  10. Lobby TfL to incorporate common utilities duct on TfL bus routes – to support maintaining (watering) air pollution mitigating trees.
  11. Improved local awarenss of air pollution and its impact on health.
  12. An expanded ULEZ with MUCH higher charges for any polluting vehicles.
  13. An App to find and use safe air walking routes.
  14. School buses to replace individual private car school runs to the many private schools in Hampstead.
  15. Respond to Mayoral, Parliamentary and Government consultations on air pollution, as a group and as individuals.
  16. Better links in Camden between Health / Environment / Education sharing perspectives, pooling skills, and working towards shared goals
  17. More promotion of safe and effective cycle lanes and cycling.
  18. Support Client Earth’s litigation against DEFRA for failing to meet safe and legal air pollution level targets.
  19. Create more Neighbourhood Zones where HGVs are banned in rush hours.
  20. Investigate Dutch pollution ‘eater’ towers
  21. Ban all diesel vehicles in the ULEZ.
  22. Camden Council to be more helpful facilitator when it comes to permission for Solar PV on roofs on leasehold and other Council properties.
  23. Camden to publish real time air pollution monitor readings on a daily basis on Twitter, to help individuals plan activities and routes.
  24. Huge campaign to publicise actual effects of diesel pollution, and to encourage drivers to leave their cars at home.
  25. Learn from and adopt approach of Sheffield Air Aware public information campaign
  26. Camden to make cleaning up the air a well-resources priority.
  27. Reduce traffic by making walking and cycling more attractive.
  28. Get parents and schools clamouring for clean air – and back rigorous measures to achieve this by reducing car traffic (especially near schools) and by making taking your child to school by car less socially acceptable.
  29. Encourage natural ponds in private gardens
  30. Develop more sites for Nature Conservation – to support and link biodiversity and health and well-being from cleaner air.
  31. Plant natural hedgerows as greening measure, to mitigate air pollution and support biodiversity.
  32. Camden to fund citizen science diffusion tube monitoring.
  33. Camden to positively promote well-regulated pedicabs – rather than siding with black cab taxi lobby to remove them from streets.
  34. Increase public understanding of lethal cocktail of pollutants our diesel based transport, and construction sites are spewing out onto our streets.