Want to clean up air pollution in your neighbourhood?

CleanAirForCamdenThen don’t miss out on a simple and important way to speak up and influence Camden’s new Clean Air Management Plan for 2018-2020, by visiting https://consultations.wearecamden.org/ and scrolling down to respond to the online consultation.

The deadline for responding: 15th February, so let’s all put it on our MUST DO list for the coming week! It’s not the most user friendly consultation website but please don’t give up on it. Keep at it to leave your comments  – cleaning up the air is just too important. Continue reading


Garden Waste Collection Survey


Have your say about Camden Council’s new £75 annual charge for garden waste collection via Camden Air Action’s questionnaire.

Is the charge fair way to help boost the council’s finances or could it reduce recycling if residents dispose of garden waste with their general rubbish or food caddy, or increase air pollution through more frequent car trips to the Regis Road recycling centre?brownbin

Green Party Councillor Siân Berry has agreed to raise the results with the Council.

Contact CamdenAirAction.Questionnaire@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Consultation: Our Response to Camden’s Clean Air Action Plan 2016-18

Camden Air Action submitted the following answers to survey questions and the comments that accompany them as Camden Air Action’s response to Camden’s Clean Air Action Plan 2016-18 Consultation.

Overall: Camden Air Action largely supports Camden’s proposals for tackling the current public health emergency that air pollution levels in the borough represent. But where we consider proposals do not go far or fast enough we have told you so. And where we think more information is needed we have asked for it.

We believe the aim should be to make Camden’s air not only LEGAL (below 40μg/m³ NO2 emissions), but SAFE (below 20μg/m³ emissions) and hope comments and suggestions given in our response will be helpful for achieving this. Continue reading

Consultation: Camden’s Clean Air Action Plan for 2016-18

Find out how Camden plans to make the air safe to breathe, and get involved to help make sure this plan really does have teeth and covers the range of things that need to happen – within the time scales we need to protect growing children and vulnerable elderly citizens. Use your voice to demand greater priority is given to making London’s air not only LEGAL, but SAFE.  See www.camden.gov.uk/airquality for the draft plan, and ways we can protect ourselves from air pollution, and action needed to clean it up.