Get involved in Citizen Science Air Monitoring in YOUR area

Citizen science air monitoring is a powerful tool for checking out the very local pollution levels that most ‘official’ monitoring doesn’t cover. Camden Green Party have been leading on citizen science air monitoring in Camden since 2013, working with local Transition Town groups and Neighbourhood Forums. It’s a tried and tested method and widely used method for testing air pollution, also used by local authorities on some of the through routes that they monitor.

citizen-scienceThe ‘citizen science’ part involves local people putting up diffusion tubes on kerbside street lamps and traffic signs (at just above head level) to record the average level of NO2 in the air over the one month period the tube is in place. At the end of the month they are taken down and sent for independent laboratory analysis, and the results sent back to the local monitoring team.

This is a great way to get informed about how bad air pollution is in your street, or alongside your children’s school – and also to get motivated to DO something about it. See the section on citizen science air monitoring for more details and link to the Green Party’s Air Pollution map of Camden.