Get informed about why air pollution is so dangerous to our health

Go online and find out the facts. There’s plenty of information from:

  • Kings College London undertake research on London’s air quality for UK Government, the London Mayor and London Boroughs, and are the experts on air pollution in London. Their website provides a lot of detailed information on the causes, risks and what can be done to clean up London’s air – together with daily updates on air pollution levels across the city:



  • Every Breath We Takeis a report by The Royal College of Physicians, together with the Royal College of Child and Pediatric Health, published in February 2016 on the lifelong impact of air pollution on individual and public health. Read it to find out HOW air pollution causes 9500 deaths in London each year, and WHY the health and future development of London’s children is at such risk from air pollution:


  • As an inner London borough Camden suffers high levels of air pollution, and Camden Council is responsible for monitoring air pollution and improving air quality in the borough. See the air quality section of their website for information about what we can do locally and to check out their Clean Air Action Plan for 2016-18 to safeguard local communities.