Share your stories about simple ideas for reducing pollution

Like using zero-emissions transport to move local loads – like the bike trailers used by local Transition groups to move event and growing materials. Or Kentish Town Veg Box Scheme, where bike trailers drop off 170 bags of vegetables every Wednesday to customer pick up points across Kentish Town and Dartmouth Park; supplemented now by an hour’s Zip Van hire to deliver to Highgate and Tufnell Park.

vegboxKentishTown Veg Box team weighing and bagging produce for the weekly bike run to local collection points around Kentish Town, Tufnell Park and Highgate.



Or the Green Gym’s custom built heavy duty bike trailer, used to transport gardening tools and other essentials, and saving pounds in van hire fees.

mobile-disco-smallOr Dan Carrier’s Dig It! Bike powered mobile disco that’s such a popular feature of summer street festivals in Dartmouth Park.



And for those whose cycling days are over, how supermarket deliveries by electric vehicles can offer a greener and easier way to get the groceries in. (But you need to check out which stores deliveries ARE greenest, because some are less polluting than others). And maybe it’s time we gave shopping trollies a design and image makeover, too?