Speak Up!

Help make the invisible visible! The fumes and tiny particles of today’s NO2 and PM air pollution today is invisible, and so easy to ignore – if that’s what you want to do. The challenge is to make the invisible visible so that we can start to do something about it. So we need to share what we’ve found out about air pollution with family and friends and neighbours. And through residents and tenants’ associations, through Neighbourhood Forums, at our children’s schools. Organise events that help to raise awareness.


‘Still Waiting!’ Clean Air Act 1956-2016 anniversary art work display and air pollution monitoring at Flaxon Ptooch Gallery in Kentish Town Road. Camden Air Action members and children from Kentish Town Primary School.



Let Government know we want them to make action on air pollution a priority. Respond to consultations, write letters and emails to local Councillors and MPs. Take to the streets if necessary to highlight when action is not being taken, or is too little too slowly.